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Did you notice any of the following symptoms:   - Fake Antivirus detecting viruses and asking you to pay in order to get rid of them - Computer is locked by ransomware such as FBI virus, Crypto Locker or a similar variation. (Pushing you to send money by Money Pack, Bit Coin, Gift Card... in order to unlock your computer) - Error Messages such as System Alerts, Danger Infection Warning, System Error, Registry Error - Annoying Non-Stop Pop Up Ads offering huge sales, special offers and deals - Several unknown toolbars are lined up in your menu bar in Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox Unknown icons on your Desktop and you didn’t install any of them Suspicious Backup Software, Registry Cleaners, Driver Updaters or System Optimizers are running Your computer takes a very long time to start and become operable, ads and errors load first Opening web sites takes a long time and you get redirected to suspicious web sites Your FREE Antivirus does not detect anything, could not stop infection or is unable to remove the virus System is freezing or crashing causing you to stop all your work and restart Slow Internet connection even though you pay for high-speed Internet

Infected  -  Popping Ads & Error Messages  -  Freezing  -  Crashing...

Have you been dealing with non-stop glitches on your laptop or PC? Are you completely fed up with your computer running as slow as molasses, freezing up, seizing up and crashing? These kind of problems can drive a person crazy. And let's be honest, who has the cash to drop thousands on a new computer every time it gets jammed up with errors?
Dear Neighbor, We know you didn’t mean to install any of these harmful things. The creators of the malicious things that are attacking your computer use sophisticated ways of placing them inside your computer. You probably heard about online-identity theft or personal data theft on the TV or news. All of the symptoms that you read above may lead to online-identity theft and personal data theft. Cybercriminals main goal is to make money, or better; to steal it from you! They want your information!... Login information for your Online Banking or PayPal Account Credit Card information so they can use it or resell it on the Internet at a later time Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail usernames and passwords They do this by installing a piece of software called key logger so they can spy you on you and capture all your keystrokes or visited websites. Infected computers may let them see you on camera, hear you talking or take pictures of you. Plus much more!! Infected computers may be infecting other computer at your home, be used as a part of cybercriminal networks to spread the infection to the globe, perform illegal activities, attack websites or to be used to click on Google and Facebook ads so the hacker can make money. This drastically slows down your high-speed internet connection. One of the latest threats we have seen is called CryptoLocker, it locks all your data and permanently destroy it if you do not send money in very limited amount of time.   (“The Swansea Police Department confirms that earlier this month, they were forced to pay $750 to hackers through an untraceable online currency.” CBC Boston) You need to clean your PC ASAP. And unless you're a computer genius, you're going to need a program to help you do it. Without the proper expertise it’s impossible to know why your computer is having problems and how to fix it without some type of assistance. As much as this may sound scary to you, unfortunately, this is today’s reality. My name is George D. Surla, I have seen all these problems and fixed hundreds of badly infected computers since 1999. Your computer can be fixed and run fast again, there is no need to buy a new computer.  Instead, you can spend your hard earned money for something you really want or need. Cleaning does not mean destroying your data; YOU WILL KEEP ALL YOURS: Pictures incuding family pictures collected for years Important Word documents such as resumes, tax information (TurboTax, Quicken et.), school and business documents Your eBooks, PDF’s and scanned documents Videos and Music including iTunes Desktop folders, emails as well as Favorites in your Internet Explorer, Bookmarks on Firefox or Chrome Microsoft Office and other data you want to save With FixMyPC you don’t pay extra for data backup, it’s FREE! I completely remove all viruses, spyware, popups, errors and apply my field proven techniques collected and perfected for many years to best protect your computer and at the same time make it optimized for you, an average computer user. I will make it simple so you don’t have to worry about technical questions being asked or difficult settings to choose from. The fact is that FREE Antivirus does not provide good protection. I am sure you know this. This has been proved by independent test labs as well as by vendors who usually use their FREE Antivirus for marketing purposes and offer it to you so that you will buy their full product to get decent protection. You may be told there is no perfect antivirus. It’s true, however, why not use the good one instead of getting reinfected so easily just so that you have to pay for cleaning again? For this reason your computer will be protected with one of the best performing antivirus programs in the world, developed in USA and Germany! and not just that... My secret and unique Multilayer Protection is going to enhance protection even more! I will install additional 4-layers off protection, from 4 independent vendors, to block all known malicious websites and prevent your computer from visiting these dangerous websites. This will not slow down your computer at all and is all automated and FREE to use! You know those ads and banners on many websites? These filters help block them so your websites are loading faster. It also helps prevent the hidden installation of toolbars and unwanted software that silently installs without you knowing it.

Ok George, how much all of this cost?

Removing of viruses and spyware is not easy. It is complex task and requires a lot of knowledge, experience and special kind of tool used to discover, correct and repair damage done by malware. Our regular repair cost is $199, currently it’s on SALE for Only $149!

Learn Why FixMyPC Is Your Best Choice:

Total elimination of viruses, spyware, ads, toolbars, error messages and other malware Your personal data backup, any size for no extra charge Award-Winning Antivirus software (1 year license), installed and configured on your PC Dust cleaning to prevent and eliminate overheating as well as short lifetime 1 YEAR WARRANTY (best in city, no subscriptions, no monthly charges or hidden costs) ADDITIONAL Tune-Up after 6 months to keep your PC at its peak (done over the Internet)

Here Is My Personal Guarantee to YOU:

I believe that the customer should not pay twice for virus removal, for this reason my 1-year warranty is simple: If you get reinfected I will fix it for FREE!  I Will Also Protect ALL Your Home Computers For No Extra Charge! Here is how: Share our website on your Facebook or Twitter and get 1-year award-winning Antivirus protection for all your home computers absolutely FREE! (with service only) Yes, you read that correctly; FixMyPC will give you a 1-year Antivirus license so you can protect all your home computers, laptops, kid’s computers, your old computer and smartphones! If you have 5 computers you will SAVE as much as $200 per year! Repair, Secure & Optimize Your PC Today! Are those endless array of error messages driving you crazy? Frustrated by your computer refusing to respond to even the basic commands? A slow PC is not just annoying, it is also a serious issue that needs immediate attention. If you are at your wits end with relentless amounts of system problems, fear not! Help is closer than you think, ask about your PC its FREE:  Call Now: (412) 885-1823  Get Help In 3 Easy Steps: To Fix and Protect Your Computer and Protect Your Family On-Line You Need to Do The Following Right NOW: 1 -  Bring your tower or laptop to our shop 2 -  Tell us what data you want to keep 3 -  Your FAST and freshly installed Computer will be ready within the next 1-3 business days    Yes… it really is that simply. You need to hurry, this special ends Feb, 28, 2014 Take the first step now by bringing us your tower or laptop today and let us fix your computer for you.
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